In our childhood days, we all were exposed to the wonderful characters of anime. Depending on the taste and the television you want to sync into, there would always be a weekend full of great anime.

Just like Dragon ball was the most popular shows back then in 80’s with their own franchise that has grown tremendously over the years, building a large fan base of all times. Likewise, Dragon ball episode 126 will make the buzz soon. The unique thing about the world of anime is the beautiful and soulful characters they portray and how you learn from them.

 We thought it would be awesome to share one of the most famous anime show Fairy Tale that would embrace similarities to that of the Dragon Ball series or could be the spoiler of Dragon ball episode 126. The theme of the story doesn’t necessarily have to be the same, but rather how it rings around the entire journey.

Fairy Tale has coped to capture a wide loving audience since its release, giving their audience a fresh dose of entertainment and quest. The entire plot of the story follows the life of Natsu and his three wizard comrades from the notorious Fairly Tale Guild on their quest to put an end to the panic that waits beyond the prospect.

With their unique and interesting abilities, Natsu forms friendships with new other wizards on their journey while the other help to support him through the path they’ve boarded on. In order to not build up extreme debt from the clients, they help Natsu to cope with experiences he finds along his journey while working together with his team to make sure the safety and security of the union.

 Similar to Dragon Ball Z series the show focus on teamwork to make sure that the world is saved from a major threat. Both Goku and Natsu have a superpower that allows them to manipulate the elements and end any disaster in case. Both of these characters have help from a great team of friends who look out for them in time of urgency while Natsu and Goku sacrifice a lot of their burning desire to ensure that nothing ends up severely offended.

All battle escalates while the hilarity keeps you coming back for more, consenting to a better-composed experience. The theme of remaining faithful to your team and following your heart are just some of the connections that both displays encompass, and we extremely endorse checking out both.

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